Terms of use and right of rescission

General terms and conditions of business

§ 1 Internet shop

myphotoartgallery eK | Owner Thorsten Landré
runs the online shop mystreetartgallery.com. To get you on the mystreetartgallery.com
website, in particular to inform about the upcoming sales promotions
("User"), you do not need to become a member. Membership sets
a registration of the user in advance (§ 3). You receive personal information
about upcoming sales via mystreetartgallery.com by email,
if you have consented to the sending of these emails. The ones on the site
Prices shown are final prices including VAT. Shipping costs as well
Processing fees are shown separately and are comprehensible for you.

§ 2 Validity of the General Terms and Conditions

2.1 By your consent at registration
you agree to the validity of these General Terms and Conditions
(hereinafter "GTC") agree. These terms and conditions set the conditions
for which you can use the services of mystreetartgallery.com. 2.2 You
You can access these terms and conditions at any time via the "Terms and Conditions" link on the mystreetartgallery.com
Call up, save and print out the website. 2.3 Terms and Conditions
from users and partners in direct business dealings with mystreetartgallery.com
even if mystreetartgallery.com does not expressly apply to them
contradicts and/or renders services without objection. This also applies
if users or partners have conflicting conditions for the objection
prescribed a special form. An application of deviant
Terms and Conditions will only apply if so requested by mystreetartgallery.com
previously expressly confirmed in writing. 2.4 The contract language is

§ 3 Conclusion of contract
and retention of title

The presentation of the products and the
Presentation of goods on the mystreetartgallery.com website as part of the
Sales promotions does not constitute a legally binding offer, but only
an invitation to private customers to order. A legal right to
the products shown are not available or deliverable. The
Sales campaigns are only aimed at consumers within the meaning of § 13 BGB, ie
any natural person who enters into a legal transaction for a purpose that
neither their commercial nor their self-employed professional activity
can be attributed. Only normal household quantities may be ordered.
mystreetartgallery.com reserves the right to cancel orders from time to time
from the sales promotions from the fulfillment of certain individual
to make conditions dependent. Around one represented at mystreetartgallery.com
To order the product, you must carry out the following steps: You place the
Article in the shopping cart. In the next step you enter all the necessary
Billing address and shipping address information. during this
Steps we ask you to the General Terms and Conditions, the
to actively agree to the data protection regulations and the cancellation policy. Thereafter
enter the details of your preferred payment method. Finally
you can check your order again and click the button
Complete Buy Now. By submitting your online order
you submit an offer to mystreetartgallery.com to conclude a
legally binding contract. By clicking the button "Order
give up" you place a binding order in the shopping cart
contained goods and confirm that you are authorized to place the order
issue, ie for minors with the consent of their legal
Representative. You will receive an immediately after receiving your order
Automated email confirming receipt of your offer and
so that the contract can be concluded. Until full payment of the
purchase price and all claims associated with the purchase
all merchandise owned by mystreetartgallery.com. Before transfer of ownership are
you are not entitled to dispose of the goods. If third parties have rights to the
Claim goods, you have to mystreetartgallery.com immediately
inform. If mystreetartgallery.com determines before the contract is concluded that the
ordered product is not available, we will let you know immediately
informed and reimburse payments already received immediately.
If mystreetartgallery.com determines after the conclusion of the contract that the ordered
Product as a result of late or incorrect delivery (incl.
the delivery of small quantities) by our pre-supplier, mystreetartgallery.com
is not responsible for, contrary to expectations and despite one of us with the
supplier concluded delivery contract for the ordered goods
available, we reserve the right to withdraw from the contract. mystreetartgallery.com
In such a case, you will be informed immediately about the unavailability of the
inform you of the product ordered and payments received from you immediately
refund. mystreetartgallery.com is entitled to accept offers from you without
to refuse giving reasons. mystreetartgallery.com reserves in particular
then before rejecting an offer if the shipping address is outside of
Germany or Austria, there are indications that it is
where the customer is not a consumer, an order
exceeds the usual household quantity or also upon request
deadline, a payment has not been made.


4.1 mystreetartgallery.com offers the Services
only within the framework of the recognized rules of technology. mystreetartgallery.com can
limit the services when this is in view of capacity limits that
security or integrity of the servers or to carry out technical
Action is required and this is the proper or improved
provision of the services (maintenance work). In particular from
For technical reasons it may not be possible at times or only to a limited extent
to access the services (unforeseen system failures). 4.2 It is
prohibited from using the Services in a manner that violates any law
regulations, the rights of third parties or against common decency. Also
you are prohibited from using the Services in a manner that
is abusive or likely to damage the good reputation of mystreetartgallery.com
affect. In particular, it is forbidden to use the services for subsequent
to use purposes. No anti-competitive actions may be taken
and/or promoted, including progressive solicitation (such as
chain, pyramid or snowball systems). It is forbidden to be pornographic
or to use content that violates youth protection laws or
to advertise pornographic products or products that violate youth protection laws,
offer or distribute. Our performance and/or services may not
for example by using "robot-", "spider-" or
"offline reader" or other malicious software is used for purposes other than intended
become. It is prohibited to upload content to our Services that
are protected by copyright, unless the user has the rights to them
or the required consents. Furthermore, mystreetartgallery.com should not
be used in a way that limits the availability of our services
and services for other users are adversely affected. The dissemination
offensive, racist or otherwise illegal content or information,
including offensive or defamatory content, through our Services
is prohibited, regardless of whether this content is shared with other users, employees of the
operator or other persons or companies. Furthermore are
no photos with defamatory, offensive, racist or otherwise legal
or to use immoral content. It is forbidden to send chain letters
send, intercept or attempt to intercept messages, advertising
to operate for shopping clubs, messages for a commercial purpose
serve, send and use our services to send other people
threaten, unreasonably harass (particularly through spam) or violate the rights
(including personal rights) of third parties. Furthermore, may
no temporary e-mail addresses from so-called 10-minute mail services are used
and names, addresses, telephone or fax numbers, e-mail addresses,
User names or other contact information from messenger services published
become. 4.3 Having your own content on the mystreetartgallery.com website
checked and adjusted to the best of our knowledge and belief. A checkpoint
the content provided by third parties on the mystreetartgallery.com website
publish, mystreetartgallery.com generally does not carry out. One
Control of third-party websites linked from the mystreetartgallery.com website
can be reached can also be found on mystreetartgallery.com
not by so no responsibility for form, accuracy, adequacy
and quality of the corresponding content. mystreetartgallery.com
will remove or suppress content posted by third parties or
Refrain from links if mystreetartgallery.com finds any indications
that the content posted or the external websites violate applicable law
or violate these Terms and Conditions.

§ 5 Conditions
Sweepstakes, raffles or promotions

5.1 For those hosted by mystreetartgallery.com
Sweepstakes, sweepstakes or other promotions (hereinafter “promotion”),
the following conditions apply. Winners or beneficiaries will be among all
Identify individuals who participated in the promotion and those of mystreetartgallery.com
have met the specified requirements. become a winner or beneficiary
from mystreetartgallery.com via the one provided during registration
Email address notified of the prize or benefit by email.
Does the email contain an indication that the winner or beneficiary
has to report to mystreetartgallery.com within a certain period of time,
to accept the prize, the prize will be forfeited at the end of the period if
the winner has not reported accordingly. The ones at the promotions
The prizes or benefits offered cannot be exchanged or exchanged
a cash payment is possible. Participants in a Promotion agree that
them in the case of winning on the mystreetartgallery.com website and in others
services of mystreetartgallery.com and in press releases
should be named. mystreetartgallery.com may be participants of
exclude a promotion if it is done by unfair means or under
Violation of these T&Cs the sweepstakes or promotion mechanisms
manipulate. mystreetartgallery.com may, at its sole discretion, undertake such manipulations
punish with the exclusion. mystreetartgallery.com reserves the right to
Promotions may be canceled or extended beyond the original period

5.2 The following conditions apply to
Sweepstakes on social networks (hereinafter "Social
Media Sweepstakes") hosted by mystreetartgallery.com on Facebook
and/or Instagram:

5.2.1. Generally

Social Media Sweepstakes
are managed by myphotoartgallery eK | Owner Thorsten Landré
carried out.

The respective social
Media competition ends at the specified time.

myphotoartgallery eK |
Owner Thorsten Landré has the right to run social media competitions from time to time
or permanently without giving reasons.

5.2.2. Conditions

If it is within the
respective Social Media Sweepstakes unless otherwise specified
those persons eligible to participate who are resident in Germany

are eligible to participate
Persons who are at least 18 years old at the time of participation.

Each participant may only
participate once in the respective social media competition. That's true
even if he has multiple Instagram or Facebook memberships.

Participation takes place after
the respective general conditions in the contribution.

Posts by their nature
offensive, abusive, misleading, unethical, discriminatory or
are defamatory are not permitted and will not be considered.

Every participant who
tries to falsify the result with the help of technological means,
will be disqualified.

5.2.3. Profit

Winners will be announced after
Random principle from a myphotoartgallery eK | Owner Thorsten Landré -
employees selected.

The winners will be in the
comments or via a private message on Facebook or Instagram

All changes of
respective social media sweepstakes will be published in good time on the respective
social media page announced.

The right to win expires
and will be awarded to another participant if the winner
does not respond within seven days or fails to meet the above
listed conditions of participation.

A cash payment
Profit is not possible.

5.2.4. data protection

As far as within the
respective social media competition personal data (name,
date of birth, postal and e-mail address) of participants
are used by mystreetartgallery.com for the sole purpose
collected, processed and processed during the implementation of the social media competition

The dates become absolute
treated confidentially and not passed on to third parties.

5.2.5. Legal basis

The legal process is

The respective social
Media Sweepstakes is not affiliated with and endorsed in any way
sponsored, endorsed or organized by Instagram or Facebook.

By participating in the
respective social media competition, the participants accept the terms and conditions and the data protection regulations .

§ 6
Promotional Vouchers/Credits

For mystreetartgallery.com promotional vouchers
(and analogously mystreetartgallery.com credit) the following apply
Conditions: mystreetartgallery.com- Coupons for goods can be used for everyone
products placed on the mystreetartgallery.com website can be redeemed,
unless on the promotion overview or product overview page is the
Redemption of mystreetartgallery.com vouchers excluded or es
is an action in which the order via the website of a
third party; this is expressly marked in each case. The buying price
of the products ordered must be at least equal to the value of the voucher, es
unless otherwise stated when the voucher was issued. mystreetartgallery.com-
Coupons for shipping costs can be used for the shipping fee that is charged at
Orders on the mystreetartgallery.com website are redeemed
unless is on the promotion summary or product summary page
the redemption of mystreetartgallery.com vouchers accordingly
excluded, or it is an action in which the order
via a third party website. mystreetartgallery.com coupons
are based on codes that are personally provided to you;
Codes usually expire after one use. period of validity,
any minimum order or other conditions will be determined by mystreetartgallery.com
determined and announced in the relevant promotion; the
In this case, the minimum order value refers to the purchase price incl.
VAT and shipping costs are not taken into account. Per order
only one mystreetartgallery.com voucher can be redeemed; several mystreetartgallery.com-
Vouchers cannot be combined with one another. If you're buying one
item where you have used a mystreetartgallery.com voucher,
undo, the voucher amount will not be refunded and the voucher
cannot be reused; This does not apply if you use the mystreetartgallery.com
Voucher purchased directly from mystreetartgallery.com against payment of a sum of money
have. With a mystreetartgallery.com voucher, which you do not have to pay for
an amount of money purchased directly from mystreetartgallery.com, you can
do not purchase a mystreetartgallery.com voucher. A cash payment or
There is no interest on the mystreetartgallery.com voucher. mystreetartgallery.com-
Vouchers are issued personally to a member and cannot be redeemed at
transferred to third parties; mystreetartgallery.com will be informed of the transfer
of a voucher, mystreetartgallery.com reserves the right to deny the
to declare the corresponding voucher invalid. Refers to mystreetartgallery.com
on the fact that the voucher is only valid for new customers, it is for the
Issuance of the voucher requires that a person register for the first time at mystreetartgallery.com
register as a member. With the exception of a loss of the voucher, the mystreetartgallery.com
is responsible for, mystreetartgallery.com assumes no liability for the
loss or theft of the voucher; Replacement vouchers will only be issued
if mystreetartgallery.com is liable for the loss of the voucher. In the
Shop conditions or when the voucher is issued may have other conditions
or restriction on redeeming promotional vouchers

§ 7 Warranty
and liability for damages

7.1 The warranty is based
in principle according to the legal provisions of the Federal Republic of Germany
Germany. In the event of a defect in the goods, you have the statutory
Possibilities of rectification (e.g. delivery of goods free of defects), des
cancellation and reduction. 7.2 Liability for damages is towards consumers
Limited by mystreetartgallery.com. Regardless of the type of damage
liability for damages excluded, unless it is something below
otherwise determined. mystreetartgallery.com is solely liable according to the legal regulations,
if you assert claims for damages based on intent or gross
Negligence, including intent or gross negligence on our part
representatives or vicarious agents. mystreetartgallery.com is solely liable
according to the legal regulations, provided that mystreetartgallery.com is culpable
breaches an essential contractual obligation. An essential contractual obligation in
in this sense is one whose fulfillment is the proper implementation
of the contract is made possible in the first place and you regularly check for compliance
may trust. mystreetartgallery.com is also solely liable according to the
statutory provisions in the event of culpable injury to life or body
or health; this also applies to mandatory liability according to
Product Liability Act. 7.3 To companies that, contrary to § 4
Participate directly or indirectly in sales campaigns, the same apply
Limitations of liability for damages as towards consumers, with the
further restriction that the liability for damages is based on the foreseeable,
damage that is typical for the contract is limited, unless there is a
Liability for intentional acts prior to or arising out of breach of
life, body or health. 7.4 The foregoing disclaimers
and restrictions towards entrepreneurs or consumers do not apply in
Case of the acceptance of express guarantees by mystreetartgallery.com.

§ 8 Exemption

The user provides mystreetartgallery.com by
from all claims of third parties, which these against mystreetartgallery.com because of
Violation of their rights or violations of these terms and conditions, the shop regulations
or enforce any law when using mystreetartgallery.com. The
The user assumes the costs of the necessary legal defense
including all court and attorney fees in the amount incurred. This
does not apply if the violation of the rights of third parties or the violations of
these terms and conditions, the shop regulations or the laws are not the responsibility of the user
is represented. The user is obliged to mystreetartgallery.com in the event
of claims by third parties immediately, truthfully and completely
to provide all information necessary for the examination of the claims
and a defense may be required. Delays in the
Provision of information is at the expense of the user.

§ 9 image rights
the catalog offer

uses image motifs for its catalogue, which come from public sources,
interested users and their own photographers. mystreetartgallery.com
does not check whether third-party copyrights have been violated. Should be mystreetartgallery.com
Using image motifs for which you hold the copyright is myphotoartgallery
eK | Owner Thorsten Landré endeavors to investigate this immediately in order to avoid damage
avoid. In this case, please contact urheberrecht@mystreetartgallery.com .

consumer information
for online dispute resolution in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013:

As part of
of the Ordinance on Online Dispute Resolution for Consumer Matters
you at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/
Online dispute resolution platform of the EU Commission.

§ 11 image rights
the upload offer

offers you the opportunity to upload your own image motifs and click on the corresponding ones
to print products. This is checked at irregular intervals,
whether the uploaded motives violate applicable law or common decency
violated If such a violation is found, myphotoartgallery reserves the right
eK | Proprietor Thorsten Landré the right to the production and / or
to refuse delivery of the ordered products. This concerns in particular
but not exclusively motives with sexual, racist,
discriminatory or violent depictions.

Possibly incurred
The costs will be myphotoartgallery eK | Owner Thorsten Landré to you
further burden.

In addition, you are
you are responsible for ensuring that you do not have any rights with your production order
Third injured.

§ 11 Right of withdrawal
catalog offer

When ordering from
Printed matter with motifs offered by mystreetartgallery,
The following applies to consumers within the meaning of § 13 BGB: You have the right
to revoke this contract within fourteen days without giving reasons. The
The cancellation period is fourteen days from the day on which you or one of you
named third party, who is not the carrier, took possession of the goods
have or has. In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must send us an
clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post or e-mail)
about your decision to revoke this contract. For protection
of the cancellation period, it is sufficient that you send the notification of the exercise of the
Send the right of withdrawal before the end of the withdrawal period to the following address:

mystreetartphotoartgallery eK | Owner Thorsten Landré | 50823 Cologne
| Email: widerruf@mystreetartgallery.com

§ 12 Right of withdrawal
Upload Offer

According to § 312g paragraph
2 No. 1 BGB, the right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the delivery of
Goods that are not prefabricated and for the manufacture of which an individual
choice or determination by the consumer is decisive or which is clear
are tailored to the personal needs of the consumer.
In principle, therefore, there is no such agreement in the contracts concluded with Picanova
right of withdrawal.

§ 13
Final Provisions

13.1 Should individual provisions of these GTC
be wholly or partially ineffective or contain a gap, the
The effectiveness of the remaining provisions or parts of such provisions is unaffected.
In such a case, the parties undertake to negotiate with the
goal to enter, the ineffective or incomplete provisions through
To replace provisions that originally intended provisions under the
come as close as possible to safeguarding mutual interests. 13.2 It applies
exclusively the law of the Federal Republic of Germany to the exclusion of
UN sales law and references to foreign law. Are you
Consumers, the mandatory provisions of the state in which you
habitual residence, unaffected. 13.3 Are you a merchant, legal
Person under public law or special fund under public law or
have no general place of jurisdiction in Germany or in another
EU member state, is responsible for all disputes arising from this contractual relationship
Place of jurisdiction Cologne. 13.4 Subsidiary agreements are with the exception of the shop regulations
not made and must be in writing to be effective.

Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal applies exclusively to
Consumer according to § 13 BGB.

- Beginning of the cancellation policy -

right of withdrawal

The customer has the right to cancel this within 100 days without giving any reason
to revoke the contract. The cancellation period is 100 days from the day on which
the customer or a third party named by him who is not the carrier,
took possession of the last goods.

In order to exercise his right of withdrawal, the customer must inform us (myphotoartgallery eK,
Owner: Thorsten Landré, Weinsbergstrasse 134, 50823 Cologne Email: service@mystreetartgallery.com
by means of a clear statement (a letter sent by post or
an e-mail) about his decision to revoke this contract.

To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for the customer to send the notification
about the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the end of the withdrawal period.

Consequences of revocation

As soon as we of the return from the customer
received and checked, we will pay the customer the amount of the
same payment method that the customer chose when placing the order,
refund. This can take up to 30 days from the time of the return
last. We also deduct a return fee of 9.50 from the refund
€ from because our products are printed to order.

We can refuse the repayment until we receive the goods back
have or until the customer has provided proof that he has received the goods
returned, whichever is earlier.

The customer must return the goods immediately and in any case no later than 10
days from the day on which the customer informed us of the cancellation of this contract
taught to us myphotoartgallery eK, owner: Thorsten Landré, Weinsbergstrasse
134, 50823 Cologne. The deadline is met if the customer
Goods are dispatched before the period of 10 days has expired.

Exclusion of the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal does not exist
distance contracts

- for the delivery of goods that are not
are prefabricated and for the manufacture of which an individual selection or
determination by the consumer is decisive,

- for the delivery of goods, unique to the
tailored to the personal needs of the consumer.